5 Reasons She Fell In Love With You

When she fell in love, it was not a choice.

Love is strange. Only the ones who have experienced it understand how it feels like to be in love. Simon Sinek says in one of his interviews,

“[…] Tell me the day the love happens. It’s an impossible question.”

It indeed is. The love you feel for your partner happens not in an instant. It happens over a time. Love is no accident. For every encounter with one teaches you a great lesson on life — to seek purpose.

My fiance and I got engaged earlier this year. We have been in a long-distance relationship for about three years now. We have known one another since we were 14, almost ten years ago. She opened the door of unveiling love to me.

To all men reading, here’s my null-hypothesis on how she fell in love with you.

You See Her

She fell in love with you when you see her. When you notice the little things around her. You recognise her energy as she speaks. You don’t boast about the good in your day when you pick up the weakness in her voice.

She fell when you acknowledge her effort, not her result. She showed you something she’s been working on. You did not flatter her. Instead, you were eager to know how she got there. The moment she tells you, you can’t help but admire her craft as much as she does.

In essence, she fell in love with you when she noticed you see the beauty of her essence. She did not intend to show, but you see it. What better gift can a woman acquire than having a man pleased to see her?

You Remind Her of Her Father

She sees her guardian inside you. She knows she’s safe with you around.

She fell in love with you when you show her the things she doesn’t know. You explain things in a way that makes her feel enlightened. You choose simplicity over complexity. You strive not to be her teacher, but to be her guardian.

She fell in love with you when you are patient with her shortcomings. Her upbringing made her who she is. You don’t use force to straighten her. Indeed she’s made of rib. Too much force and she breaks. Too little force and she bends. Rather you lead her by your actions.

In essence, she fell in love with you the moment she sees her father in you. A person who is gentle with her. A role-model that she can look up to.

You Encourage Her to Grow

Your presence brings out the best in her. She sees you not as a rival, but as a team.

She fell in love with you when your behaviour encourages her to grow. She gives out her best not out of the competition but out of inspiration. You inspire her to become loving. To become grateful.

You did not try to control her life. But instead, you guide her. For she’s not looking for someone to instruct her. She’s looking for the person to nurture her. To channel the unicorn within her.

In short, she fell in love with you when she feels encouraged to grow beside you. She did not feel defensive because you try to change her. But your presence made her conclude that she wants to grow for her own good.

You Invite Her to Be Inside Your World

You have your own goals and aspirations in life. You are on a quest to reach greatness. The path you walk is a path of ruthlessness.

Yet she fell in love with you when she knows that she’s part of your journey. You care about how she feels. You celebrate her success as much as yours. You want her to finish her story before you tell yours.

She’s never in love with what you possess. She’s in love with your trust to show your vulnerabilities to her. She’s aware that you are an independent fighter. But you choose to be dependent on her, out of the trust.

In essence, she fell the moment she sees herself in your world. She’s not a stranger you are playing around with. But rather her story and yours merge to a point where the two of you are a similar character.

You Love and Respect Yourself

She notices that you take great care of yourself. You are physically healthy, you have a positive outlook on life and you are a seeker of purpose. You do things not to impress her. You do things out of respect for yourself.

She fell in love not because you are cool. But she fell for the way you value yourself. You are not afraid to rebel, but you have a set of values and principles that you never break.

She fell in love, not in the idea of you. You do not sacrifice your identity in the quest of conquering her heart. She looks at things in the long run. She fell in love because she knows that she’ll be safe with you. Because you’ve put in your own oxygen mask perfectly, before you help put in hers.

In essence, she fell in love when she understands that you love and respect yourself. She sees stability and maturity in you. A person who will take care of her legacy safely.

Summing It All Up

Love is strange but what’s worth in life isn’t? I’m an ignorant person if I claim that I understand love. But the experience I had with my fiance gives me an insight into what love really means. To sum this whole article in one sentence,

She fell in love with you the moment you fell in love with her.

Thank you for reading. What do you think are other reasons she fell in love with you?

Ironic, but iconic. Stories connect people, but authenticity makes them fall in love.

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