You need to tie your shoe before you start the rat-race!

I took pride in my post-graduation routine until it eats away my mental health. I was close to being depressed, had it not been for the support system I had.

In the phase of unemployment, I kept my self super busy and productive — creating content on multiple platforms, reading three books in a day, watching online courses, learning about investing — all because I was ashamed of staying home while everyone else goes to work.

I felt guilty to take a break. I’m not supposed to have fun. When my friends invite me for a quick catch up, I…

If you are curious to know the answer, so are your readers!

I’m used to having Standard Operating Procedures, Manual and Best Practices whenever I approach a problem (God forbid, I’m an engineer). It doesn’t matter if you’re building a dam or developing self-powered wireless sensors — SOPs help us answer our clients' unrealistic expectations.

Putting my career at stake, I decided to pursue my passion for writing here on the platform. It was fun and all until I experienced the inevitable writer’s block. I cannot finish anything I started.

Nothing scares a writer more than this block. It makes you question yourself, what the hell am I doing? …

If you love God, you can’t love only some of His children.

I still remember departing with my friends at the airport. I was going to leave them for good to start a new phase of my life. Amid the heavy goodbyes, one of my friends hugged me and said, “I respect you, dude.”

There are moments in life that will stick until we’re old. And I know that that was one of those moments for me. That meant a lot, I wanted to reply but the words were stuck in my thoughts. To be given such a remark was flattering.

Days have passed, but I kept thinking about his compliment. I…

The stronger your self-doubt, the further you are from your reason for being.

I heard the emcee calling my name on the graduation platform. My heart beat as though I had completed a half an hour jog, but I kept my chin high. Chewing gum to reduce my nervousness, I received my graduation scroll with a confident smile. “Congratulations on your achievement,” said the Chancellor.

As I continued walking down the stage, I felt strange. I’ve just completed my four-year degree, but I didn’t feel much happier. Life didn’t seem too different. Apart from the fact that a path full of uncertainties lies ahead.

I once had a conversation with my Final Year…

Writers Have To Have Faith In The Process.

Peace be upon you, fellow writers. Allow me to introduce myself since it’s the first time I publish in “The Fellowship Writer”. My name is Abdul Azim, which means the Slave of The Greatest. I’m from Malaysia, currently pursuing my undergrad in New Zealand. I‘ve stayed far from home for about four years now. I am called to advocate about habit-development. The reason is simple — one’s destiny is shaped by one’s habit.

I began seriously writing on Medium in July this year. I got into the platform upon a friend’s recommendation. From the start, I struggle to gain good…

Uncover the keys to finding *your* voice.

Saturday. It was a holiday. And the birds were singing, “It’s the weekend!” Yet mum was preparing to go to school. This wasn’t the first time.

She didn’t go because the principal requested her to. She went because there was an unfinished task from the previous week. This time, she was making arrows using black and red tapes to indicate the student’s pathway in and out of the classroom.

“Why don’t you ask the gardener or other teachers to do it?”, I asked.

Mum said, “It’s easier to get things done on your own.”

I wasn’t satisfied with her answer…

If you are in your 20s and you suck, consider yourself lucky!

One of my college friends has already started her podcast. My high-school classmate is now leading a team of contractors on a big project. My cousin who didn’t finish school is now an entrepreneur of his own brand. Me? I don’t have much to flex other than I’m pursuing my passion to be a writer (crying inside).

It’s very common for us to feel left out. …

How can you beat the fear of abandonment to build a lasting relationship?

Do you feel like you have to be perfect or people will reject you? Do you allow people to criticise and abuse you emotionally to avoid being alone? Or do you avoid relationships because you fear the ultimate outcome — you will be left?

There are many people who are afraid of love. Love induces the feeling of helplessness we experience as a child. We place a great amount of trust in another person which makes us feel exposed and vulnerable.

You may have fallen in love once or twice. But life never gives you what you desire. …

Be careful with what you read, they become your thoughts.

I once had a conversation with my friend about writing on Medium. I was persuading him to start writing here. I’m always excited to talk about the platform. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for writers who never make a single penny such as myself to try our luck.

My friend asked me, “Do people really read on Medium, or were they all there to write, hoping that people would read their stuff? You know, like one of those Ponzi schemes.”

I thought that was a funny question. It’s like asking do people really learn on YouTube? But saving my…

Truly great people in history never wanted to be great for themselves.

“We all have parts to play in life. This is the story of the man who played the part of love.”

— Hana Yasmeen Ali

Muhammad Ali was a gift from God to humanity. He possessed the soul of a butterfly. Of flowers that fly and all but sing. His story was neither a legend nor a myth. His life was but a collection of miracles and luck.

17th January 1942 marked the birthday of the champ. His mother was a devout believer.

Azim Rushdi

Ironic, but iconic. Stories connect people, but authenticity makes them fall in love.

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