A perspective on marriage from an unmarried man.

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Today was supposed to be the day. But Allah has a better plan for us. Malaysia was on lockdown and our marriage had to be postponed.

Under the grey clouds of Saturday morning, I’m called to express what marriage means to me. To be honest, I’m hesitant to talk about this topic. It’s something I have not experienced myself.

But anyway, this is an article that explains a personal mindset regarding marriage, from the perspective of an unmarried man.

What is marriage in one word? Sacrifice.

What is marriage in two words? Your Children.

What is marriage in three words…

If you love God, you can’t love only some of His children.

Muhammad Ali and Sri Chinmoy — By srichinmoycentre.org, Creative Commons License, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Muhammad-Ali-Sri-Chinmoy.jpg

I still remember departing with my friends at the airport. I was going to leave them for good to start a new phase of my life. Amid the heavy goodbyes, one of my friends hugged me and said, “I respect you, dude.”

There are moments in life that will stick until we’re old. And I know that that was one of those moments for me. That meant a lot, I wanted to reply but the words were stuck in my thoughts. To be given such a remark was flattering.

Days have passed, but I kept thinking about his compliment. I…

Writers Have To Have Faith In The Process.

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Peace be upon you, fellow writers. Allow me to introduce myself since it’s the first time I publish in “The Fellowship Writer”. My name is Abdul Azim, which means the Slave of The Greatest. I’m from Malaysia, currently pursuing my undergrad in New Zealand. I‘ve stayed far from home for about four years now. I am called to advocate about habit-development. The reason is simple — one’s destiny is shaped by one’s habit.

I began seriously writing on Medium in July this year. I got into the platform upon a friend’s recommendation. From the start, I struggle to gain good…

In loving memory of Mardziah Bt Abdul Rahman

I lost my grandma yesterday (23rd July 2021). She fought Covid and cancer for over three months. She recovered from Covid just recently. But her time is up. Allah called her on the best day, in a blessed month — Friday in Zulhijjah.

Tok Mak was a blessed woman. The proof is that all of my family — her legacy — prayed five times a day. She would bring us together when we are busy with our lives. She would offer rewards to encourage us to find life partners.

Tok Mak loved karaoke. I remember her being upfront, inviting us…

Is Medium still worth writing for?

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I stopped my monthly subscription the past 2 months. In my mind is only one: I don’t read much. When I do, it’s mostly because I hope the author will reciprocate. You know, the ‘you-like-my-picture-I-like-yours’ kind of thing.

Whenever I choose an article, it’s not from a genuine curiosity about certain ideas. It’s always about how to gain more audience or how I made $3274.41 passive income last month.

But as I first started my 9 to 5 (more like 9 to 10 pm) job, I felt a sense of sadness. I missed writing. So I returned to Medium. …

Hint: Don’t do it, unless you really love her.

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It was one hell of an experience, and I’m glad I did it! To give you a context, I graduated from university in December 2020 and had no job until April 2021. And my fiance and I planned to get married in June.

I tried multiple ways of earning income — writing a book, selling anti-blue light glasses, affiliate marketing, etc. But of course, I made negative profits from them all.

It was a scary period. One day I woke up from a long nap and felt anxious. Not from not having a real job. But because when I looked…

The Artist’s Way exercise — healing of a sense of safety.

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Before you continue reading, please know that this article is all about me. This violates the number #1 rule in writing: Focus on the reader. So you can stop reading here. But if you insist, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Artist’s Way is a book with one goal: To recover the wounded creative artists that we all are. Deep down, we all long to express ourselves in any creative forms — poetry, sketches, painting, music, sport, you name it.

One of the initial tasks in recovering this inner artist is imaginary lives. …

Rediscovering the voice of a believer.

I have over 100 drafts on Medium. All of them starts with awesome ideas. I don’t know what is going on but I find it impossible to finish anything I started. It’s almost two months since I last hit publish.

I won’t let the inner writer in me die. Not yet. Today, I’ll make sure I hit that publish button!

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I had just finished watching the news. It seems like the world is ending. The neverending Palestine-Israel war. The Covid-19 crisis in India.

I can’t continue watching, so I switched off the TV. In the quietness of Sunday morning, I…

You need to tie your shoe before you start the rat-race!

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I took pride in my post-graduation routine until it eats away my mental health. I was close to being depressed, had it not been for the support system I had.

In the phase of unemployment, I kept my self super busy and productive — creating content on multiple platforms, reading three books in a day, watching online courses, learning about investing — all because I was ashamed of staying home while everyone else goes to work.

I felt guilty to take a break. I’m not supposed to have fun. When my friends invite me for a quick catch up, I…

On Writer’s Habit

Uncover the keys to finding *your* voice.

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Saturday. It was a holiday. And the birds were singing, “It’s the weekend!” Yet mum was preparing to go to school. This wasn’t the first time.

She didn’t go because the principal requested her to. She went because there was an unfinished task from the previous week. This time, she was making arrows using black and red tapes to indicate the student’s pathway in and out of the classroom.

“Why don’t you ask the gardener or other teachers to do it?”, I asked.

Mum said, “It’s easier to get things done on your own.”

I wasn’t satisfied with her answer…

Azim Rushdi

Ironic, but iconic. Stories connect people, but authenticity makes them fall in love.

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