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  • Leah Njoki

    Leah Njoki

    Dreamer&Fitness Enthusiast | Writer on Love, Relationships & Self-Improvement| Featured on The Good Men Project, Thought Catalog, Ladders|Blog: ownyourspark.com

  • Israrkhan


    Freelance writer and Poet, I write about personal development, History, and Writing. https://bit.ly/3iaAioK (https://heylink.me/Israrkhan)

  • Allison Cecile

    Allison Cecile

    Engineer by day and writer by night. Here’s to putting myself out there.

  • Muhammad Fazal

    Muhammad Fazal

    I’m a computer scientist and I write code for a living but writing replenishes my soul. I write for two reasons. To teach myself twice. To spread positivity.

  • Rose Aliza

    Rose Aliza

  • U-Ming Lee

    U-Ming Lee

    I write about business, finance, and freelancing life. | More insights at my free newsletter: https://uming.substack.com/

  • Ashley Nicole

    Ashley Nicole

    Wife, 1st Time Mama-to-be, Lifestyle Content Creator on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9nEOBqc2990XPPTdHAaVCg

  • Ladislav Nevery

    Ladislav Nevery

    Curious mind that just cant be turned off. It demands a lot of sugar so mine memory is no longer than 10s. Which is great since life is a lot less stressful now

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