Peace and blessing be upon all of you.

My full name is Abdul Azim Shafi Bin Rushdi. The name originates from Arabic roots which translate as “The slave of The Greatest (referring to God) who heals”. Ironically, I am neither a man of great character nor am I a student of medicine who cures.

Nonetheless, I instinctively go beyond my way to be deemed great among my siblings and colleagues. And I tend to exhaust myself to advocate my friends regarding their affairs which, in a sense, placed me in a position of being a ‘healer’. In essence, I like to picture my personality as a half-moon.

The articles I am publishing revolves around developing mindset and habits which essentially all diverge into one fundamental belief — that the key to greatness is gratitude. I take your time very respectfully, so I aspire to write the things that are simple, yet very practical.

Since you are here, I advise all of you to start writing too because writing opens the door of the knowledge of oneself, which opens the door of the love of oneself, which opens the door of the love of one’s Creator.

Last but not least, I bear witness that there is no true God except Allah and Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, is the last Messenger of God and the great mercy to the humankind until the end of time.

Ironic, but iconic. Stories connect people, but authenticity makes them fall in love.

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